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Over the past 30 years humanity has been making stride after stride in innovation and development. The internet was born and has continued to mature in one time period. Humans have revolutionized the way people communicate and connect. Social media has been transforming how we find friends, share life experiences, and even start families (like my wife and I, who met on an online platform back in 1998). Surprisingly, with all this growth, the construction industry hasn't seen change in over 100 years (since the Second Industrial Revolution, between 1870 and 1914). It's remained a long, tedious process wrought with financial surprises, sleepless nights, a cacophony of painful noises, and multiple disruptions.

Things need to change. Let's change them.

      Wise Home Building was built on the concept of improving the face of home construction. We've approach new techniques that are trustworthy and easy to understand, with the goal of optimizing the building process towards your particular needs and wants. We've cut building times without compromising in quality. We specialize in the details and we stick with you even after the construction is complete. We built this company so we could have the honor and privilege of sharing our home building experiences with you.

Welcome to the family.

- Wise Home Building

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What we offer
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    New Home Building

    From single families houses to condos to townhouses, you deserve a home that's exactly what you want. We'll go to great lengths to ensure its siding, paint, insulation, layout, molding, doors, and more, meet your expectations.

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    Countertops, flooring, cabinets, vanities, and much more. Our team helps you add value to your home via an updated kitchen or bathroom. Or even planing a new ambient in your basement.

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    Deck Additions

    New decks are a fantastic way to beautify your home's exterior. We use the best materials, styles, and finishes to give it a new look. Call us for deck installation or repairs. 

How it works
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Wise Home Building will stand out from its competition by providing its clients with both the keen business sense needed to acquire unique, attractive plots of land and the sense of style and creativity needed to ensure that the developed real estate is sleek, modern, and expertly crafted for immediate resale.

  • Proper Construction & Unique Design:

    Wise Home Building has a commitment to excellence and will ensure that all developed properties are constructed properly. Each will be uniquely designed in-house and completed per project schedules and timeline.

  • Designer on Staff:

    We ensure that nothing but the best is delivered to clients. If you want a high-end quality finishing or a good price-quality relatinship in the materials we are here to help. We always think about your needs first.

  • Strong Growth Potential:

    Wise Home Building will operate in one of the most lucrative real estate markets in the country. As the brand develops, there are plenty of opportunities for sustained success throughout the entire New England region.

  • Luxury Focus through Creative Design:

    Creativity is a significant focus of the Company. Through access to skilled and imaginative architects and designers, Wise Home Building will develop aesthetically pleasing and attractive residences, touching upon the specific preferences of new home buyers.

  • Efficiency:

    Wise Home Building will implement this process moving forward, which can be up to 30% to 50% faster than traditional home building processes. Our project management process is driven by a timeline that will fit all needs to complete the job quickly.

  • Higher Quality:

    By working hand in hand with trusted partners, the Company can ensure greater precision, such as avoiding wrong specifications that can result in energy losses and other efficiencies. Our homes are safe, more sustainable, longer-lasting, and environmentally controlled through top quality materials. The goal is quality, not quantity!

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Nantahala House in North Reading
Completed in September 2016

At Wise Home Building Co, we love refreshing our customers' properties look and feel new again.

Whether you need us for a quick fix or an extensive makeover, we’ll be by your side. Using the best tools and the latest techniques, our trained professionals make your property the best it can be. Transform your house with us.

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Ranch House in Clinton
To be completed by November 2018

This project in Clinton is almost finished, and will be in the market in the end of November. This plan is unique for the region, and we used some innovative approaches to build your dreams home. The house is in front of the lake and the buyer will have rights to use it. 

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  • Do you need a bigger house?

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