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What we do
Wise Home Building is dedicated to your needs.


Our Services: 

  • Complete Home building
  • Deck building and renovation
  • Home additions (ramps, stairs, gazebos, and more)
  • Roofing and siding
  • Interior design
  • Interior finishing (painting, flooring, interior trims, cabinets and vanities)
  • Landscaping
  • Consultation for your next project
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Why we do it
  It is an honor and a privilege to share our home building experience with you.

The home building industry has remained stagnant for too long. Wise Home Building was built to not only challenge the conventional home construction standards but to help the industry move forward. We want what’s best for the homebuyer, for both you and your family. 

The search for change began 3 years ago, when Adriana and Dr. DaSilva decided to take a closer look at their own home building process. 

“The waste of time and wood was outrageous,” says Dr. DaSilva, “and every time we looked at our dumpster we realized the need for change”.

After days of research and contacting vendors, both Adriana and DaSilva began building strategic partnerships with companies that could help them provide you with unique customer services. 

That’s what lead the company to where we are now.

Our building process has shown to be a minimum 30% faster than any other housing construction project, and we will never compromise in integrity, safety, quality, or design. As stated before, it is with great joy and honor that we get to be a part of your home building experience. 

Dr. DaSilva says, “A house without anyone living there is nothing more than a bunch of wood, cement, pipes, and wires.” 

As such, this company lives with the practice of giving something meaningful back to the communities we work in. By building with people like you, we can change neighborhoods for the better, one home at a time.

This is why we do what we do, long story short, of course. We encourage you to wander our website and continue this fascinating journey of home building. Our blog is a great place to start if you still have questions. We hope you find it informational and helpful for keeping up to date with what goes into a house construction project. Articles are listed, innovative construction methods are discussed, we don’t hide anything about what we do here. Wise Home Building is built upon honesty and transparency. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here to listen. If you’d like to learn more about how we can provide you with a meaningful home building experience, we’re here to help all the same. Wise Home Building was built with you in mind. Contact us anytime.

Mission & Objectives
Our home improvement team uses their skills to refresh and rejuvenate your property.

The Company’s mission is to build well designed, family-oriented homes that will complement the lifestyle of its residents. Wise Home Building’s principals and partners are deeply rooted in quality, customer service, and integrity, and are committed to building homes and neighborhoods that are innovatively designed, sound, and ultimately enriching for the lives of its. Wise Home Building was founded with a clear vision that emphasizes building a profitable home-building business and quality residential developments. Focusing on new home buyers, the Company’s goal is to provide its homeowners with award-winning elevations and floor plans at competitive prices. Precision meeting efficacy in a faster timeline building process! We strive to be committed with this motto!

Our team
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    Dr. DaSilva

     Dr. DaSilva co-founded Wise Home Building in early 2018 alongside Adriana Greggio. As an accomplished orthopedic surgeon that also had executive management positions, Dr. DaSilva brings a sharp mind and steady hand to the home building process. He specializes in the details, making sure everything from the foundation to your new stair railings are taken care of. 

    A few words from Dr. DaSilva: “Taking care of human being belongs to my genetics. Working more than 15 years as an orthopedic surgeon made me few more responsible and interested on the patient needs first, always. Moving here to USA and dealing with this old passion (real estate development and building) continues to be very excited. My tools to fix problems are bigger now, but my passion continues to be to deliver the best service. To build a safe and comfy house, that will last for many years is my goal – always thinking about WHO will live there.”

  • Adriana Greggio

    Adriana is the touch of class for Wise Home Building project: The right choice for the plans, the ideal fixtures and cabinets that transforms an ugly rough house in a comfy place to live is the ultimate goal. Growing up in a family that loves millwork (Adriana’s father is the owner of a plywood company that completed 40 years in 2014) Adriana is capable of dipping any home in a glossy coat of unity, style and class. As a wife and the mother of two boys (Gilly and Lucca), she understands the importance of family and having a space to celebrate family. That’s why it’s her goal to make your new home feel like home.

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